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 Tax Year 2023

To Our Valued Clients


Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about preparing and filing your 2023 T1 Personal Income Tax Returns!  We understand this process is taxing, so rest assured our team is here to help you!

As such please find attached and take note of the following information:

– Explains our 2023 T1 Personal Tax Return Program

– Our standard terms of engagement for your review, completion, signature and return to us.

Complete the checklist to assist you in preparing the relevant information for us to prepare your tax returns.

The attached Excel templates will assist you with reporting the following on your personal tax return (Sole-Proprietor / Self-Employed income, Rental income, Business use of home office, Business use of personal vehicle).  If you’re a Sole-Proprietor, then use these templates.

If you will be submitting your tax documents/information electronically (which is recommended) then please upload them to your Secure Online Client Portal with our firm.  Please click here (Client Portal Login) to login to your client portal and submit your information online.  If you’re having issues accessing your client portal, then please kindly contact a member of our team for assistance.  Please kindly send us an email after you have uploaded all your tax documents in the client portal so we can commence preparation of your tax returns.

You can also upload your tax information to us via mobile app “Citrix Files” which can be downloaded in Apple Store or Google Play.  Search “Citrix Files” to download the mobile app.

    *Citrix Files mobile app login instructions:

            *Click “Add an Account”. Our firm’s subdomain is “petersco-cpa”.

            *Email – enter the email you registered for the client portal.

            *Password – enter your password.

Paper documents can still be dropped off at our office.  Please kindly insert your documents in an envelope, write your name and contact information (eg, Name, Mobile number and Email) and deliver in our “Drop-off Box” in front of our office entrance door (Suite 22).  If you do not have an envelope, then please take an envelope(s) beside our office entrance door (Suite 22).

Returning documents back to you.  We will be providing your tax returns and other deliverables to you via the Secure Online Client Portal.  Thus, your documents will be available to you 24/7 anywhere in the world with internet connection.  If you provided us hard copies of your tax documents/information, then it will be available for your collection at our office during regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).

Signatures can be easily obtained electronically via email e-sign (powered by RightSignature -

Tax Filings are mostly done via online EFILE.  For any tax returns that need to be paper filed, we will ensure they are posted to the tax offices on-time.

Also please note the following:

  • CRA's deadline for filing 2023 tax returns and paying taxes is Tuesday April 30, 2024.  Self-employed tax returns are due by Monday June 17, 2024, but tax payments are still due by Tuesday April 30, 2024.  Due to the process and logistics involved, we can only guarantee that these deadlines will be met if we receive all your information before the close of business Monday April 15, 2024.  Tax returns are processed in the order that they are received at our office.  Tax information received after Monday April 15, 2024, may not be filed on time due to filing constraints and may result in interest/penalties assessed by the CRA.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made, payment for our services is due before we file and delivery your tax returns to the CRA.

  • Our invoices can be paid online with a credit card or preauthorized debit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 403-220-1968 or email at

We look forward in maximizing your refund and/or minimizing your tax liability!


The Team at Petersco CPA

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