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Trusted Corporate Tax Services in Calgary


Your busy running your day to day business.  We understand as small business owners, what you need is a partnership with a local, trusted accounting firm to help you take care of the numbers. You need it and we do it.

Many complexities arise while determining the income tax obligations of a business. With the constantly changing rules and regulations, companies can unintentionally be at the risk of non-compliance. Peter W Ng Professional Corporation will provide a full range of integrated services which include preparation of corporate income tax returns for companies, trusts and partnerships.

For your small business accounting, our Calgary professionals are available to you and can provide a number of valuable services relating to corporate taxes. Forgot to file taxes for many years? We can help file all back-taxes. If you have experienced any problems with CRA, such as CRA audit etc., we can handle CRA on your behalf and help resolve the issues. Have you omitted to report incomes in the past years’ tax returns? We can help you avoid late penalties.

Small Business Tax help :

  • Tax Planning so as to minimize the taxes payable

  • Preparation of T2 Corporate Tax returns and Schedules

  • Electronic-filing of Corporate Tax returns.

  • Deal with CRA in respect to all accounting & tax matters


We can also assist you with filing with CRA for election under various sections of Income Tax Act, such as Sec 85, for related party transfer of assets into the corporation or Sec 83(2) for Capital Dividends etc.



Our services also include Estate & Trust Tax Preparation, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services and Personal Tax Planning & Planning.

Call us today for a corporate tax service you can trust.

Helping our Business clients achieve peace of mind - through accuracy and efficient work 

Your busy running your business, let us take care of the numbers.

Tenured - Professional - Affordable


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When you visit our firm, trust the insights and professionalism of our accountants from years of experience.


Professional Affiliations : Charted Professional Accountants Alberta

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