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Our Tax Accountants Help You with Your Tax Preparation

Feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of your personal taxes? Let our certified tax accountants bring clarity to your confusing tax situation. Through our tax planning and tax preparation services, the accountants at Peter W Ng Professional Corporation can guide you through the entire process. We can even help individuals and businesses with “complex” tax returns to e-file their returns with the CRA.

While we’re known for our work in tax preparation for small businesses, our services don’t end there. Beyond tax preparation and planning services for the region's small and family-owned businesses, our tax accountants in Calgary are also equipped to serve the tax needs of individuals. With our team, the process couldn’t be any easier. We’ll offer professional advice to help you get the most out of your return. Reach out to us for more information on how we can serve you.


Why Hire a Tax Accountant


A tax accountant is better equipped to assist you with proper expertise and knowledge beneficial to you and your small business when it comes to filing taxes. Here is why you should hire professional services:

Get professional guidance

A tax accountant can guide you through the complex tax issues аnd also help in minimizing the obligations of your small buѕіnеѕѕ. The experienced advice you will get will prove valuable for your business.


Avoid errors or omissions

Making an error in your tax matters can prove costly as it won't be overlooked. Without the proper knowledge, whole tax process can become complicated. A tax accountant will help you sail through thе process with convenience by avoiding errors and saving your money.


Navigate the complex tax code

Tax codes are complex and ever-changing. A tax accountant can help comprehend the tax codes that may apply to your case. You can file a tax return that accurately represents your financial situation and make the most out of it with the help of professional services.


Service beyond taxes

Besides taxes, you will get additional assistance concerning іmроrtаnt financial matterѕ of your business. It may include but does not limit to asset mаnаgеmеnt, buѕіnеѕѕ advice, and retirement plans. A tax accountant will act as a reliable consultant for your finances.


At Peter W Ng Professional Corporation, our tax accountants in Calgary work closely with you to modify our strategies according to your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach allows us to consider the current and proposed laws and regulations to guide you through your tax preparation.

Have Years of Missed Filings or Omissions?


Failing to file tax returns can prove to be a serious case and put you in legal trouble. If you want to file back taxes, getting professional help is your best option to avoid further accumulation of penalties.


Regardless of whether you’ve forgotten to file taxes for years, filing your back taxes is easy with the team at Peter W Ng Professional Corporation. Our team is also experienced in helping you solve any personal CRA-related issues, including audits. Do you have income omissions from previous years’ tax returns? Our tax planning and preparation services can help you avoid costly late penalties.



Let Us Handle Your Taxes


Trust the insights and professionalism of our accountants from years of experience.


Adding a Personal Touch


When it comes to personal tax preparation, you can trust the insights, experience, and professionalism of the Peter W Ng Professional Corporation team. We add a personal touch to income tax preparation by asking important questions. This process will help you to maximize your returns, minimize your obligations, and help you avoid CRA audits. That is why our services remain financially wise - even in the age of DIY tax software. Relying on the expertise of a professional tax accountant simply makes sense!

We will provide you with valuable tax planning and preparation services when you, including e-filing for complex tax returns. We extend our services to various clients that include:

• Professional businesses • Self-employed businesses • Rental income properties • Those with complex tax returns • Tax planning and consulting

Best of all, our team can handle all personal tax-related correspondence with the CRA.

For more information on tax planning, consulting, and how to get the most out of your time with our tax accountants, call Peter W Ng Professional Corporation. Our tax accountants in Calgary are ready to take the stress out of the tax planning and preparation process!


Professional Affiliations : Charted Professional Accountants Alberta

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